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Reward your loyal customers

You want your customers to keep coming back. But how do you instil true loyalty? The big retailers know the answer: an incentive plan. Every time a customer makes a purchase, you reward them with bonus points that they can redeem for store merchandise at any time. And now, this powerful tool is available for use in your business.

A points program can set you apart from your competitors. A specialized SmartVendor add-on application, SmartPoints will pay for itself over and over again through repeat customers.


Promotional Gifts

Free incentive products

for loyal customers

Points rewards

A good way to reward

your good customers


Sales commission

Let Smart calculate the commissions given to

your salespersons

Gift Registry

Gift and Bridal Registry software program

Services and Repair

Follow your work orders

Touch Screen

On screen

keyboard display

Gift Card Program

Interactive and

easy to use.

Server Security

“Uninterrupted system”

for your business

Special features:

  • Extremely simple to set up and use

  • Controls quantity of points issued and redeemed

  • Allows you to change to points structure at any time

  • Allows for many different points groupings

  • Shows accumulated points on the receipt, plus the points earned that day

  • Can vary points by days of the week to increase traffic on slow days

  • Generates comprehensive reports on numbers of points issued and redeemed

  • Allows you to reward customer loyalty

  • Sets your store apart from the others, keeps your customers coming back

For more information call: 450-691-1681

Data Import

Save hours on

data entry

Web Integration

Link Smart to a transactional website


Easy to use

shipping features

Credit Card Validation

Online credit card and debit card processing

Store Logo

Store logo feature

on invoices

Marketing Logo

Promotionnal logo

from your suppliers

Serial Number Tracking

Records serial numbers

for (electronics, ect)

Mobile Palm Computer

Have Smart on a palm computer and use it for multiple tasks.

Ticket Booth

Convert Smart into a

ticket booth reservation

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