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“the system at store level is a wonderful support to our daily activities, and we are able to provide the best possible service for our customers”. "Unlike the other Windows P.O.S. products, the speed and the simplicity at the front counter are maintained in Smart VII and the functionality is fluid. The management of the data is powerful and easily customized, as is the system set-up."


Boost Smart performance!

Promotional Gifts

Free incentive products for loyal customers

Points rewards

A good way to reward

your good customers

Sales commission

Let Smart calculate the commissions given to your salespersons

Gift Registry

Gift and Bridal Registry software program

Service and Repair

Follow your work orders

Touch Screen

On screen

keyboard display

Gift Card Program

Interactive and

easy to use.

Server Security

“Uninterrupted system”

for your business

Data Import

Save hours on

data entry

Web Integration

Link Smart to a transactional website


Easy to use

shipping features

Credit Card Validation

Online credit card and debit card processing

Store Logo

Store logo feature

on invoices

Marketing Logo

Promotionnal logo

from your suppliers

Serial Number Tracking

Records serial numbers for (electronics, ect)

Mobile Palm Computer

Have Smart on a palm computer and use it for multiple tasks.

Ticket Booth

Convert Smart into a ticket booth reservation

Management from one location
SmartOffice is the chain management software.  Control every store from a single location.  Products are created at head office then sent to each store.

The whole chain is totally managed! Purchase orders, transferts from stores, return to suppliers.  The head office software will garanty a smooth operation throughout the chain


Easyness for store employees

All that is required fromm employees, is to receive the merchandises and sell it.  That's it!

No inventory control is required from them,  it's all done at Head Office.  From each store they can verify if a product is available in another store, simply by the click of a button.



Customize each stores

With SmartOffice, You will be able to customize each store's products and general parameters accordingto it's location. Things like seliing price, taxes, store politics, personalised messages, and a lot more. Even though the chain is controlled entirely as a whole, each locations becomes a unique store that has special requirment that you will make.


Reports for the whole chain

Analysing a chain with th SmartOffice reports is so easy.  Consult a multitude of reports on every aspects of the stores, and be ready to take action on time. Create your own reports and use them indefinitely or export them to an excel spreadsheet to add more flexibility to your analysis.


Product file



Management of products for each store



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