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SCGS Consulting  is a distributor of Smart and Smart Office software. Powerful solutions for retail store management. Simple and intuitive.


"More than 4000 computerized stores in 26 years!"

A point of sale at "a cheap price"?


From the beginning, we say the following: "Buying a software at a cheap price is not a good idea", also buying a software that forces you to change the way you work is not good either.

It doesn't mean that there isn't somewhere a decent and almost free software.  Only, we haven't seen it yet. Chances are that if you based your decision only on price, you run the risk of being deceived and unsatisfied.

More important, you will end up by loosing money instead of making some!


Being a distributor of point of sale systems, we had the chance to study many point of sale software. Some extremely expensive (>25,000$), some very affordable (<500$)  and everything that is between (from 3,000$ to 10,000$). What you don't get from a "cheap price" software is reliability and efficiency. A good point of sale system will help you follow your inventory, automate your buying process and help you stay close to your client needs by knowing exactly what they want.

The good news is that you don't have to go broke to acquire an especially good software...SmartVendor!

We want to help you avoid making the mistake of buying a software that is not suited for you or that wouldn't offer basic and essential features, like matrix for say. What you must research is a software that gives great values for the money you invest.


With SmartVendor, you will get more!!!


A "cheap price" software will give you more troubles than satisfactions.  If the company that is selling you a "cheap price" software does not have a good history of fixing problems or doesn't offer good support or doesn't do regular updates, what you buy may become quickly useless.


A better strategy would be to abandon your search for a "cheap price" point of sale and focus your energy on looking for a product that will meet your requirement and will give you a good return on your investment. You are at the right place for that!


You may think investing in a point of sale is a waste of money and that you are only buying a computer and a software.  Think again. With so many possibilities to automate a lot of the work you are right now doing manually, you will save tons of hours in boring repetitive work.  Only there, you save time and money. A good point of sale will help you in different ways to manage your enterprise. And believe that your revenue will start to increase.


How much should you invest in a point of sale?


This question can't be answered in a simple way. Most if not all of retailers are concerned with pricing. Who would not? When it comes to buying software, a common saying is: "You get what you pay for".  This is totally true and you don't want to neglect this aspect.


In certain case, a merchant may already have all the necessary hardware and can only buy the software for under 2000$. However, it is rarely the case. A small to medium size retailer might spend from 3000$ to 30000$ in software, hardware and training.


An important part of the purchase will be the hardware (computer, scanner, cables, printers,...), another part to consider is annual maintenance and upgrades. On an average, retailers will spend between 1% and 2% of their annual income on technologies and computerized solutions. 

Starter kit for 1 store with 1 station( can$ )
(All prices are subject to inflation.This is an approximation, the  total may fluctuate according to the client requirements (Onsite installation fees are not included).

SmartVendor(standard software) 1 user + training cd

1 powerful computer with a flat 17" screen
1 thermal receipt printer
1 infrared scanner
1 laser printer for labels and reports
1 cash drawer
Total $3495

Annual maintenance fee

We offer an annual maintenance to our clients. Many retailers understand that it is an insurance for a good working system plus the possibility to call whenever they have a question or need specific help on their system.


This service is vital for multiples reasons. Here is what they get:

  • Regular upgrades.  Usually every 3 month, we release an update.  It fixes certain issues that may occur or adds new functionality  to enhance the system.

  • Technical support 7 days a week.

  • Unlimited call to our training departement..

On the purchase of the SmartVendor system, the first year of support is included.


Running a retail store without a point of sale software.


Inventory counting

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