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SCGS Consulting is a distributor of Smart and Smart Office software. Powerful solutions for retail store management. Simple and intuitive.


"More than 4000 computerized store in 26 years!"

Running a retail store without a point of sale software.


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The company

Created in 2006, SCGS Consulting is a reseller of the Smart Vendor applications developped in Toronto by Vendorware.  Throughout the 26 years of existence, they became the #1 supplier of Point of sales in North America.

SCGS is focusing on the french division, mainly in Quebec and the east of Canada.With Vendorware, more than 4000 retailers across Canada and some in the U.S uses Smart in their store.

Closely following the new technologies, we try to always be a step ahead to give to our clients faster and more reliable systems.

Most of SCGS members are already retailers, so we know exactly what are the challenges of running a retail store and we can talk to our clients on the same level.  This is a great advantages for a retailer to have the confidence that he will be understood.  So far we contributed to maximise profits for our clients by providing them with a powerful system and excellent customer support to ultimately have satisfied customers.

Groupe SCGS inc. is located in Chateauguay, close to our clients. The team members are selected for their remarquable knowledge of the retail world and their advanced knowledge of computer technologies. 


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