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 Rechargeable gift card

Gift card are slowly replacing the traditional gift certificate and credit notes with very interesting features and benefits for the retailer.

With such services, you reduce fraud related to gift certificate and you get to keep the money in your store until the customer uses it. It is an excellent way to promote your store at a very low price.

For the holidays and beyond: Who said gift cards were just for the holidays? Not so, according to nearly 66 percent of adults who indicated they would like to receive a gift card for another occasion or celebration. In fact, 81 percent of consumers purchase gift cards for birthdays while only 67 percent bought for the winter holidays. Gift certificates were the second most popular gift purchase this year according to a 2006 survey.

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Greeting cards adapt: The growing popularity of gift cards has led to new cards from various greetings that are custom-made to present them in style, complete with special notches. And while money is still a popular gift for weddings and graduation, many money holder cards now contain gift card notches to serve dual purposes and accommodate either cash or plastic. The new cards allow people to add that all-important personal note and to present gift cards in a more stylish, “giftable” way.

A people pleaser: Gift cards prove that you really can please all of the people, all of the time! Recent statistics reveal that seven in 10 people have either purchased or received a gift card for any number of occasions, including birthdays, weddings, new babies, graduation or as a thank you. Gift card holders from various greetings offer well wishes for all of these celebrations and more. A card for any occasion has an illustration of a cat peering into a fishbowl at an unsuspecting goldfish. It reads, “A little something for whatever you’ve had your eye on!”

The gift of choice: With the summer months often full of new babies and wedding festivities, gift cards are especially appreciated by happy couples and moms-to-be, who enjoy selecting their own goods for these special milestone events. Discount department stores ranked as the number one source for gift card sales and gift certificates.

Making plastic personal: As their popularity has grown, gift cards have overcome their initial stigma as an impersonal gift. The sender can show that they know the likes and dislikes of the recipient by selecting a gift card for their favorite store or hobby. For someone who follows the latest fashions, one gift card holder shows a stylish woman on her way to a party. It reads, “You know how to work it so I figured you’d know how to spend it!” Coupling a gift card with a personal message in one of various greetings new gift card holders shows the thought and attention that went into selecting the perfect gift to mark the recipient’s special celebration.

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